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American Vintage Font Bundle

American Vintage Font Bundle

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Create vintage, modern, even funky designs and capture the Americana vibe with this giant bundle from Parker Creative! The 2021 American Vintage Font Bundle features 8 premium typefaces with beautifully distinct qualities.

Inspired by historic U.S. time periods, this bundle gives you the ability to mimic many historic time periods ranging from the Industrial Revolution of the 1800's all the way to modern day.

The following complete typefaces are included in this bundle:

  • Airwings - A 20th Century U.S. military inspired sans-serif
  • Ardin - An 1800s - 1900s print inspired wedge serif
  • Broadwell - A Mid-20th Century rugged sans serif
  • Docket - An 1800's - 1900's rough typewriter serif
  • Expat - A Mid-20th Century - Modern rugged sans-serif
  • Jensen - A timeless handwritten script
  • Monarch North - A 1980's / 1990's inspired slab serif
  • Provoke - A 1960's - Modern funky inline sans-serif

Save over 65% by purchasing this bundle over individually-licensed fonts!

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