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Astro Punk - A NASA Punk Monospace Font

Astro Punk - A NASA Punk Monospace Font

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Introducing Astro Punk, an original retro futuristic monospace typeface. Inspired by the look of computer technologies used during the 1960’s Space Race (NASA Punk), Astro Punk type delivers a boxy low-resolution computer console look with highly distinguishable character sets. These unique sets of characters, numbers, and symbols makes Astro Punk a great option for architectural documents, construction drawings, space-themed designs and other technical applications!

The Astro Punk font family is made up of a wide range of font weights, making it an incredibly versatile typeface. Astro Punk’s individual font weights are meticulously balanced and mathematically instanced to ensure every detail is preserved on every weight.

Astro Punk is a true monospace font, not requiring any kerning to appear visually aligned. It includes Western European character sets and a highly stylized number set and symbols.

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