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  • Beepo friendly sans serif font
  • Beepo has sharp angles and a tall narrow profile
  • beepo smooth curves and sharp edges
  • beepo six font weights included
  • Beepo cool additional characters included
  • Beepo logo brand identity mockup
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Parker Creative

Beepo - A Curiously Friendly Sans-Serif

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Introducing Beepo, a curiously friendly geometric sans-serif.

Beepo is a quirky typeface that features tall, narrow characters, consistent angles and corners, a large x-height, and smooth curves to offset the sharp design system with some humanist personality. The typeface's large aperture and x-height create a modern aesthetic, making Beepo a great typeface for tech-oriented brands and products.

Beepo comes included with six weight variations (extra light to extra bold), superiors, inferiors, symbols, diacritics, and fractions. Beepo works well for wordmark logos (especially when multiple weights are paired together), headlines and large text, body copy and more!