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Gilhaus Modern Antiqua Font

Gilhaus Modern Antiqua Font

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Inspired by the classic German Antiqua style, Gilhaus is a totally original modern serif rooted in iconic history and built for modern projects including branding, web and digital apps, large format printing, and more.

Gilhaus brings 16th Century German type design into the modern day with a complete design overhaul, including contemporary design balancing, spacing, and new age texturing treatments. While subtle serifs and soft edges bring in an element of warmth and approachability, Gilhaus is balanced out by the bold angular strokes and high contrast letterforms typically found in classic Antiqua typography.

Gilhaus also brings in subtle calligraphic elements to produce a more humanist aesthetic; giving each letterform more unique qualities and creating a natural flow.

Gilhaus comes with an extensive range of characters and symbols, in three distinct variations: Regular, Outline, and Distressed.

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