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Mayaglyph Aztec Aesthetic Font

Mayaglyph Aztec Aesthetic Font

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Introducing Mayaglyph, a modern typeface inspired by the hieroglyphics left behind by the Ancient Mayan civilization. Every character in Mayaglyph is manually created with hand-drawn markings for consistency and balanced visuals, including diacritic marks, symbols, and more!

Each character in Mayaglyph is distinctly imperfect in its own way, just as if it was taken right off an ancient stone. Also included is a 'solid' background version, which is ideal for creating beautiful multi-layer designs.

Mayaglyph includes:

  • Hieroglyphics 'outline' font
  • 'Solid' background font
  • Multilingual characters
  • A complete character set PDF
  • OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats
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