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New Adventures Font Duo

New Adventures Font Duo

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Create exciting and rugged projects with this awesome font duo, exclusively from Parker Creative! New Adventures pairs a strong and rugged typeface with a beautifully versatile humanist sans-serif to create a totally unique look and feel.

Expat: Breathe life into your headings with this handcrafted, rugged design. It's tall and narrow characters create a big impression while randomized distressing and imperfect edges create a truly off-road aesthetic. Expat comes with 4 style variations including Standard, Rough, Distressed, and Hatch.

Vitala: Designed to be highly readable with a unique personality, Vitala achieves both with an incredibly balanced character set and subtle humanist characteristics. Style your body copy and subheadings however you like with this highly versatile typeface which comes with 8 weight variations + obliques.

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