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The Summer of Sans Font Bundle (Volume 1)

The Summer of Sans Font Bundle (Volume 1)

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The Summer of Sans Bundle Volume 1 is here!

Get some of the hottest new typefaces on Creative Market in this brand new bundle from Parker Creative. The Summer of Sans Bundle Volume 1 includes 3 Parker Creative typefaces, including the all-time best-seller Logico-Sans. In total you'll receive 3 complete typefaces featuring 21 font variations for a total of 3,288 included glyphs!

Logico-Sans | A simple & intriguing typeface. Logico Sans has a sleek and modern aesthetic, geared to read well at both large and small sizes. 

Greenstyle | Greenstyle is a hybrid typeface that takes the imperfections of natural handwriting and marries it with the cleanliness of evenly weighted sans-serifs. The result is a clear, breathable look with casual hints of character and rustic style.

Provoke | Inspired by Art Deco design, Provoke is a powerful display typeface that features sharp geometric design and stunning inline cutouts of varying styles. This typeface is boldly rooted in modern urban culture and can create two incredibly distinct visual styles based on the specific font that is utilized.

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