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Vitala Humanist Sans-Serif

Vitala Humanist Sans-Serif

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Vitala was designed from the ground up to be a useful workhorse typeface for all text long, short, tall, and small. Subtle stylistic choices like asymmetrical shapes and tapering give Vitala a more handwritten personality without sacrificing a clean-cut appearance typically found in a geometric sans-serif.

Vitala is made up of 16 fonts, including 8 weights and weight balanced oblique variations, which makes it an incredibly versatile typeface for all kinds of projects in print, web, video, you name it. Better yet, combine Vitala with virtually any display typeface to create a totally new look!

You don't have to sacrifice style to improve text readability or settle for widely used sans-serifs like Helvetica, Arial, Proxima Nova, or Open Sans. With Vitala, you get excellent readability with well-balanced and professionally kerned characters in a unique package.

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